Stephen & Betty

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Born: April 9, 1858 - Willisburg, KY

Married: Elizabeth Clack Lynch - 2/14/1880

Died: October 22, 1915 - Nashville, MO

Elizabeth was born on Aug. 29, 1859, and

died January 7, 1935

Stephen and Betty's Obituaries are attached along with a remembrance of Bettie written by her grandson Carl Parker.


Stephen, Betty, Blalock, Emma, Arch -Nashville, Missouri, home

Obviously taken the same time as above.


This previously unknown photograph arrived January 22, 2008

Gwinn Hahn supplied this from the collection of her grandmother Ollie Crouch Moore. It is marked to be a gift for Stephen's brother Martin who was Ollie's father. It is the eighth known photograph of Stephen Douglas Crouch


The earliest known photograph of Stephen Douglas Crouch

Possibly 18th birthday

From the collection of Cathryn Cates




The earliest photograph I know of Stephen and Betty. From the collection of Cathryn Cates



This Photograph just surfaced. Cindy Chabolla - a great-great granddaughter of Martin van Buren Crouch (l) sent this previously unknown remembrance. Richard Johnson Crouch is on the right.

 Cindy Chabolla She got her copy from Martin's granddaughter Devola Moore Haag - Thank you to everyone

These brothers are also seen in the 1913 Reunion Picture

The five pictures on this page plus the photograph on the home page and the 1913 Reunion Photograph are all the known photographs of Stephen Douglas Crouch

There are now six pictures on this page. You never know.


Claude Crouch left,

Carl - World War I Uniform,

 Emma Crouch,

Aunt Em,

Vada Crouch holding Howard,

Betty Crouch in chair holding Helen,

Louise Seated on Ground.



Bettie with Helen and Howard

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If you have information or photographs concerning the descendants of Stephen Douglas Crouch or the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri, please contact me. I share my pictures and I return any photographs entrusted to me promptly.


Larry Crouch