Richard Johnson Crouch

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Martin and Richard Couch - no information as to the occasion or date





Hi Larry,

These look great.  It's amazing the way you have merged the pictures of
 the twins together to make the one.  For the benefit of the others
 that are cc's on this email, here's a little background on these pictures.
  My mother and I came across these while going through the pictures  that had come from my grandmother Amy's home after she died.  The  pictures of the twins were clearly originally one.  They match together just
 like two puzzle pieces.  They are each large about 10" x 15" or so.
  Their names are written on the back in my grandmother's handwriting.  We  can only think that possibly they were to be framed separately.

 Cindy Chabolla


Martin Van Buren Crouch, Stephen Douglas Crouch, and Richard Johnson Crouch

This picture was provided by Martin's great-great granddaughter - Cindy Chabolla She got her copy from Martin's granddaughter Devola Moore Haag - Thank you to everybody

The brothers are also pictured in the 1913 Reunion Photograph

From Jonathan Crouch's History we learn:

Richard J. Crouch, a twin brother off Mart’s, was raised in Kentucky. He was always called Dick. He married a Miss Laura Logan, who passed away leaving two daughters. The youngest one Martha, married in Kentucky to R. A. Breckenridge of a very prominent family in Kentucky. He is a successful farmer and lives near Morrisonville, Ill. They have quite a family. Dick visited our home in Ill. in early life. He was a quiet bashful boy and when we were called on the carpet for any mischief we had been caught in, we’d always tell our stories so as to bring Dick into it. My mother would say "You boys needn’t try to bring Richard into this, he doesn’t engage in any such mischief." MY ANGEL MOTHER HAS LONG SINCE GONE TO HER REWARD.

Laura Marie Logan Crouch

Sally Thomas provided this magnificent picture. WOW




This picture is identified as Aunt Helen Crouch and is believed to have been so labeled by Ollie Crouch Moore (daughter of Martin Crouch). That would make this a photograph of Helen Lair Crouch, the second wife of Richard. Thanks so much to Gwinn Hahn for sharing this keepsake.

Information following comes from web site prepared by Jeanette Wheeler and is used with her permission

RICHARD JOHNSON CROUCH, b. 26 Mar 1840, Willisburg, Washington, KY, USA; d. 04 Aug 1916, Decatur, Macon IL.

He married (1) LAURA MARIE LOGAN. She was born 1845 in Nicholas County Kentucky, and died Bet. 1868 - 1870 in Illinois?. He married (2) HELEN LAIR 02 Mar 1879. She was born 1851 in KY, USA, and died Aft. 1930 in Illinois. 

1.  Laura Logan Crouch was born on December 18, 1844, she married Richard Crouch on January 10, 1865 and died on April 26, 1875

2.  Laura & Richard  Crouch had two children:  Martha Jane & Susan

 3.  Following the death of Laura, Richard remarried Helen Lair

 4. Richard & Helen had three children:  Edna, Walter and Murray.  (I noticed Walter was not listed on the  web page.  Walter died in a mine accident.  He had a son named Walter who was raised by Susan Crouch (sister of Martha Jane Crouch)  (additions by Sally Thomas)

1870 Rochester, Sangamon IL he and his two girls are living alone, Mattie and Susan.
1880 Willisburg, Washington KY mother Julia A and sister Ellen live with him and his new wife Helen.

More About R
Residence: 1880, Willisburg, Washington, Kentucky

Notes for L
1850 Nicholas Co KY she is living with John C Henry and wife Catherine and their daughter Martha age 13, also in the home is Mortimer Fields age 35.

More About L
Residence: 1850, District 1, Nicholas, Kentucky

Notes for H
1920 Decatur Macon Il, she is widowed living with sone Albert Murray Crouch, in 1910 Helen stated she had 3 kids and 3 were living.

More About H
Residence: 1920, Decatur, Macon IL
Children of R

  i.   MARTHA JANE6 CROUCH, b. 18 Dec 1865, Willisburg, Wash, KY.
Residence: 1880, Willisburg, Washington, Kentucky


  ii.   MARY SUSAN CROUCH, b. 06 Feb 1868, Willisburg, Wash, KY.
Residence: 1880, Willisburg, Washington, Kentucky

Children of RICHARD CROUCH and HELEN LAIR are:

  iii.   JULIA E6 CROUCH, b. 1880, Washington, KY, USA.
  More About JULIA E CROUCH:
Residence: 1880, Willisburg, Washington, Kentucky
  iv.   ALBERT MURRAY CROUCH, b. 22 Jan 1891, Willisburg, Washington, KY.
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record
about Albert M Crouch
Name: Albert M Crouch
City: Not Stated
County: Macon
State: Illinois
Birthplace: Kentucky;United States of America
Birth Date: 22 Jan 1891
Race: Caucasian
Roll: 1614322
DraftBoard: 0

stated he was responsible for his mother's support.

1930 Decatur, Macon ILL he and his widowed mother Helen Crouch age 79 b KY.
Occupation: 1920, Clerk in a drug store
Residence: 1920, Decatur, Macon, Illinois

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Larry Crouch