Nashville, Missouri

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There are a lot of pictures of Nashville, Mo., on this site. Go to Barton County Contents for full list.

Nashville Ladies Sewing Circle - 1880's

"Aunt Em" third from left. There are no certain identifications for anyone else. Elizabeth Crouch is likely there, possibly with baby Meredith. Nashville's most famous native son, Harlow Shapley was born November 2, 1885 in Nashville, so he might be there as well. Shapley became one of the world's greatest astronomers and scientific writers of his time. (Though this is an interesting thought, Harlow had a twin brother and there are no obvious sets of twins here) The photographer came through from Sarcoxie, Missouri. Nashville had its own photographer shortly after this. See the next picture. This picture and the one below are from the collection of Mary Price Crouch.


Another of Mary's Collection - John Dyer Store - The sign advertises Shoes and Boots, Dry Goods, Notions, Hats and Caps, Groceries. Photo is credited to Crandall's Gallery, Nashville, Missouri. That is a horse and carriage next to the store.

Perhaps this is a good place to enter a description from Goodspeed's Barton County History - Barton County, Missouri (published 1889):

"Nashville is a village of about 200 souls, in township 30, Range 32, in the southeast part of Nashville Towns plat was filed by Thomas and Squire Baker, January 28, 1869, The plat of Nashville Center, a part of the same town, was filed by John Main, April 29, 1870; that of the west addition to Nashville Center, July 25, 1883. Judge Main built a store there in 1867. The second store was kept by Marion Dale, and the third by John Dyer. The present merchants are A. Walker, D. Pittenger, Crouch & Williams, E. C. Brown and John Dyer."

The Crouch store proprietor mentioned above is Captain William Henry Crouch (see home page for picture) - Stephen's brother in law (and cousin) and the the father of Claude Crouch and husband of Aunt "Em."


A group of Nashville men around 1910..probably at Church. Back rows, left to right: Jim Farrell, Blalock Crouch, Russell Letton, Blaine Pittenger, Carl Crouch, Earl Parker (Aris' brother), Forrest Letton, Price Kline, Jack Knudsen. Front Row: Claude Crouch, Earl Taylor, Marlin Pope - Preacher, Ed Lough, Joe Shaw, Earl Kent

Thanks to Dorothy Boyd for this wonderful picture


Two different pictures of the Nashville School. No date on either, but above gives impression that school had been vacated, and trees appear fuller.



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