Nashville School 1938-41

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These Pictures and the information are courtesy of Robert Thurman - "Robert Thurman" <>  Dixie Crouch Rambo made some corrections and additions.


Front Row
Billy Allen, Sammy Atcheson, Billy Helms, Lloyd Lee Askins, Glen Brooks, Lonnie Crouch, Keith Howery, Albert Walton, Arthur Helms, Roydon Dunlap

Second Row
Lily May Helms, Wilma James, Helen Dunlap, Norma Jean Howery, Nolan James, Glenn Woods, Bob Thurman, Herman James, Adam (Dutch) Etcheson, Donald Walton, Roy Brooks?

Third Row
Dorthy Scott, Doris Dunlap, Emma Jean Bergman, Virginia Polston, Dixie Crouch, Betty Ertman, Norma Polston, Alice Brooks

Fourth Row
Miss Wolfe, teacher  “little room” (grades 1-4); Charles Foraker, teacher, “upper  room”, (grades 5-8)



1939 - 1940

First Row
Lee Helms, Lily May Helms, Norma Jean Howery, Helen Dunlap, Alice Brooks, Wilma James, ? Vaughn, Mona Cotton

Second Row
?, Sammy Atcheson, Arthur Helms, Albert Walton, ? Vaughn, Keith Howery, Billy Helms, Royden Dunlap, Dale Cotton

Third Row
Lloyd Lee Askins, Lonnie Crouch, Glenn Brooks, Dorothy Scott, Dixie Crouch, Laverta Vaughn, Doris Dunlap, Norma Polston

Fourth Row
Don Walton, Bob Thurman, Emma Jean Bergman, Emma Lou McKissock (upper room teacher) Helen Crouch (little room teacher) Virginia Polston, Lynn Willa Hobson



1941-42 (Grades 5 – 8)

Front Row
Roydon Dunlap, Lloyd Lee Askins, Donald Walton, John Wydick, Adam (Dutch) Etcheson, Albert Walton, Lonnie Crouch, Keith Howery

Second Row
Lester Williams, Norma Polston, Dorothy Scott, Virginia Polston, Irene Vaughn, Rachel Wallace,  Dixie Crouch, Doris Dunlap, Vida Lee Wydick

Third Row
Bob Thurman, Clint Armstrong (teacher)








Bob finally got me an up to date picture with his wife Peggy. He lives in Tennessee.






I get mail


Hi Larry, my father is John Wydick and aunt is Vida Lee Wydick. It is nice to see pictures of when they were younger, I have my Father's report cards from there and a few assorted pictures from that time period so it is nice to see what you have. Thank you for all of the work you have done to make this possible.
John Robert Wydick

My Father died May 25, 2002 in Dighton Kansas. John


Larry -

thanks for the forward. Wydicks lived on the corner south of the Old Rock house where we lived. Ron and I got into trouble many times for going down to the Wydicks to play. Dad wanted us kids home when he got home from work!

I visited with Vida Lee at one of the Minden Hish School Reunions a year or two ago.


Dear John,
    Larry Crouch forwarded your letter -- and I'm delighted to receive it.  How well I remember John and Lavada as well as your Grandparents.  Right now I'm looking at the 1943 Minden High yearbook where Lavada signed "Yes Bobbie, ice cream and pop".  My folks had a grocery store first in Nashville and then on Hwy 43 about one mile from Nashville.  The school bus would stop at the store and I got her an ice cream bar and a bottle of pop (knowing me it was a Pepsi).  Please send Lavada my love.  And tell John hello.  I would like to know where they live and how they are doing.  Bob Thurman

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If you have information or photographs concerning the descendants of Stephen Douglas Crouch or the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri, please contact me. I share my pictures and I return any photographs entrusted to me promptly.


Larry Crouch