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This web site was started with the concept that it would one day list all the descendant of Stephen Douglas Crouch and his wife Bettie Lynch Crouch and in so far as it was possible provide photographs of each. Though it does contain genealogical information the site is more in the nature of a scrapbook. Because of the amount of material collected the site has branched some from the original purpose. Stephen Crouch had many siblings and his Crouch ancestors were well documented back into the early days of the American colonies. Finally Stephen settled in Barton County in the 1880's and Crouch family members stayed in that area for many decades. The final result is that the largest part of the site relates to the descendants of Stephen and Bettie, but there is considerable information concerning the ancestors and siblings of Stephen, and there is a fairly large accumulation of material relating to the Barton county village of Nashville, Missouri, and the surrounding area. There is a contents page listing all the pages and separate index pages relating to the three branches.

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Stephen Douglas Crouch and Elizabeth Lynch Crouch


Arch, Carl Blalock, Meredith, Emma, and Palmer, the children of Stephen and Bettie


The extended family continued to get together


Ladies Sewing Circle, Nashville, Missouri, 1880's


Contents Introduction Stephen Crouch Index Crouch Family Index Barton County Index

If you have information or photographs concerning the descendants of Stephen Douglas Crouch or the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri, please contact me. I share my pictures and I return any photographs entrusted to me promptly.


Larry Crouch