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This is how it ended up, but it took a while to get here.


What a find! Julie has been going through her mother's big box of pictures. I doubt there will be a more important find for this site than this picture. A family reunion from 1910. It was held in Blue Mound, Ill.  I don't know anymore about the event yet. I'm not sure why Bettie was not there. The picture is being presented as is and in a cleaned up version below. There is a legend on the back of the picture which is set forth below. As always copies are available by asking. The detail and clarity of this old photograph are astounding. Enjoy

Further information has come up. We're pretty sure it was not 1910 and it may not even be Blue Mound. See the bottom of the page. We still like the people identifications, and we have a lot of possible names to add.



4th Row:  Martin Van Buren Crouch (Twin), Richard Johnson Crouch (Twin), Stephen Douglas Crouch, Hugh Breckenridge, Roy Breckenridge

3rd Row:  William H. Crouch, Gastaff Adolph Smith (husband of Kittie Ann Crouch), Barbour Crouch (Martin's son), Jonathan G. Crouch (son of David Crouch and Clara Ann Gregory), Richard Alexander Breckenridge (husband of Martha Crouch), Armstrong D. Young (husband of Dilla Ann Crouch), unknown

2nd Row:  Kittie Ann Crouch Smith, Margaret Cheathem Crouch (Barbour's Wife), Martha Jane Crouch Breckenridge, Emma Crouch (Aunt Em), Dilla Crouch Young, unknown (Margaret's maiden name is Cheatam according to Philip Crouch who is Barbour and Margaret's grandson)

1st Row:  Lillie Pearl Breckenridge, Elizabeth Olive Breckenridge, Mary "Edith" Breckenridge, Bessie Grace Breckenridge (all daughters of Richard and Martha Breckenridge), Emma Crouch (daughter of Stephen Douglas Crouch)
The two children are still unknown

Please refer to Jonathan Crouch History, Martin van Buren Crouch, David and Clara Crouch and home page for further information regarding family members depicted here. We also have a follow up family gathering some 25 or so years later with some of the same people. See Crouch Reunion Illinois, 1930's

Special thanks to Sally Thomas (great-great granddaughter of Richard Johnson Crouch, great granddaughter of Richard and Martha Breckenridge and granddaughter of Hugh Breckenridge) for identifying the Breckenridge family members in the picture.



It turns out that there was a newspaper article regarding this reunion. Out of Myra's seemingly endless supply of documents, comes this further revelation. The original is in poor shape, and though Julie sent me a scan, I am going to use her transcript of the article along with her bracketed additions. I have added to the additions in green. It turns out that this was the second Crouch reunion, and that a third was scheduled for the following year.

Crouch Family Reunion 

Members of Distinguished Family Gather at Home of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Young 

The Crouch Family held its second reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Young, in this village, on Tuesday, September 3 . [There is a space after 3 and before the period. After consideration we agree that the actual date was September 30, 1913, which was a Tuesday. This is further confirmed by the date set for the next reunion. However Barbour's youngest child was born in 1906. If he's in the picture then there are problems with 1913.]

The following members of the family were present:  John G. Crouch [author of Jonathan Crouch history], of Olympia, Wash.; Captain William H. Crouch and wife [Emma Crouch], of Nashville, Mo.; Martin Crouch and wife [Georgia Ann]; of Willisburg, Ky.; Gustaf [Uncle “Doc”] Smith and wife, [Kittie Ann] of Petersburg [Pittsburg], Kan.; James B. [Barbour] Crouch, wife [Margaret Crouch] and child [Richard was born in 1906], of Shelbyville, Ill.; Richard Crouch and wife [Laura], and Joseph Gordon, wife [Julie Edna Crouch] [Julie tells me she was one of Richard's daughters] and child, of Blue Mound, Ill.; Mrs. Ruth Taylor, [Julie has located this woman in the 1910 census, but how she fits in a list of relatives is not known to us] of Nashville, Mo.; Stephen D. Crouch and daughter [Emma] of Nashville, Mo.

The more distant relatives and old neighbors of the Crouch family who were present as guests were William S. Smith, of Niantic, Ill; Richard A. Breckenridge and family [wife Martha Crouch] [Richard's youngest daughter] of Pawnee, Ill; John Craig, wife [Prudia Ann] and daughter, Emma of Pawnee, Ill.;  Thomas B. Hall, W. Jamison Cooper, Mrs. Rachel Bell and Mrs. Lillian Breckenridge, of Custer, Ill.; Greenbury Torrence and Mrs. Emma Ruthrauff, of Cascade, Ill.; William C. Logan, wife and children, and John G. Kenney, of Springfield, Ill.; Roy Hall [grandson of A.D. and Dilla Ann Young], wife [Ida] and children, of Breckenridge, Ill; Mrs. W.B. Seeders and children, and Mrs. Jasper Easley and children, of Rochester.

Mrs. Jasper Easley and Mrt. W.B. Weedear assisted Mrs. A.D. Young in her office of hostess.  All were enthusiastic in praise of the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Young.

All report a jolly time.  The reunion fell upon a glorious fall day, and was dedicated by the Crouches and their guests to feasting, reminiscences and happy felicitations.

The first reunion was held one year ago at the home of Gustaff A. Smith, of Petersburg [Pittsburg], Kan.  The third will be held in September, 1914, at the home of Richard A. Breckenridge, of Pawnee, Ill.

Julie believes that the Home of A.D. and Dilla Crouch Young was actually in Rochester, Ill., which would mean that the reunion was not held in Blue Mound at all. The argument is certainly persuasive, but not really conclusive until the we find the newspaper that printed this article which would identify "this village."


This picture just appeared via Cindy Chabolla. A lot we don't know about this. Circled on the left are Richard Johnson Crouch and family - Laura wife and son Zack and daughter Verla. Verla was born in 1902, so we date this prior to 1910. Martin van Buren Crouch centers the picture. The man with the beard is Armstrong Young who married Dilla Crouch - Martin's cousin - who may be on his right. The rest of them should be relatives, but we can't id them.


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If you have information or photographs concerning the descendants of Stephen Douglas Crouch or the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri, please contact me. I share my pictures and I return any photographs entrusted to me promptly.


Larry Crouch