Duval School 1940-42

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Mary writes:

I don not know when Duval School was built. The only date I can relate to is that Meredith started to school there. They lived a mile north and about a 1/2 mile west. If Meredith started school at the age of 5 which used to be customary, the school was there 1889-1890.

The three first teachers I had, did not have any education beyond high school, and none was required. After that, one could not get a teaching certificate without some college preparation and one also had to pass a written examination.

The school consisted of one large room with a small closed entry way. There were hooks for wraps and shelves for dinner pails or lunch buckets. The year i began attending school there was no provision for hand washing. We drank from a dipper and a bucket.

By my third year we had our own drinking cups and a hand washing drill with the teacher pouring the water over our hands, so the boys could not escape. Most of my memories are pleasant ones.

One unusual happening was that I attended grade school with the five older Marti children, then when I taught there I had the 6 younger Martis. Sadly heart attacks have already taken four Martis. The youngest boy has been to M D Anderson Hospital in Houston for treatment.




Duval School 1940-41


Don Marti, Alan Marti, Alice Breaker, Rosemary Marti, Charles Marti, Melvin Ramseyer


Leonard Braker, Kathleen Serafini, Mary Price (teacher), Betty Marti, Delores Banwart

(The dog was Daisy Mae, Blonde like Daisy Mae in the comic strip "Lil Abner." She moved in with us shared our lunches and gave us a puppy family. A kind neighbor gave them a home - all of them! - Mary)


Duval School 1941-42


Roland Marti, Don Marti, Shirley Banwart, Alan Marti, Melvin Ramseyer

Back Rosemary Marti, Alice Braker, Henry Waldbuesser (pronounced Waldbeezer), Charles Marti, Mary Price (teacher), Delores Banwart, Donald Godsell

I don't have a date on this photograph, but it should be the oldest of the lot with a date in the early 30's. The white building is the coal house with the back of the store visible. It does include the 5 older Marti children.

Front row

Dean Marti, Pearl Marti, ? McCain, Iona Dudgeon, Gilda Mae Dudgeon, ? McCain

Middle Row

Raymond Braker, Edward Marti, John Brandt, Oscar Braker, Robert Marti

Back Row

Ben Braker, Glen McCain, Tim Brandt, Mary Price, Bernice Braker, Eunice Marti, Maxine Lambert

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