Dorothy Boyd

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Dorothy Boyd has supplied a large number of photograph for this project and has been an enthusiastic supporter from the beginning. Dorothy and Bud live in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Also, Dorothy's niece, Julie has started her own family website. Check it out












Bud and Dorothy Boyd and Family - September 2, 2002


Dorothy - October 2006 - Parsons, WV

I had been trying to get someone to get me a picture of this sign for years. Dorothy finally came through for me. Thanks so much Dorothy.







Myra left   

Dorothy right

about 1928 -1929


Bud and Dorothy Boyd - February 9, 1947 - Joplin, Mo.

(insert) September, 2002 - Muskogee, Oklahoma


Carl, Louise, Dorothy, Myra - Joplin, Mo. 1948


Wedding February 9, 1947










Myra, Carl, Dorothy - January1982 Carl's 90th Birthday


Bonnie, Myra and Dorothy 1932

Julie Meredith and Dorothy - Crouch Farmhouse - July 5, 2007


Front: David, Donna, Mary Dickson, Melissa Boyd, Ann Dickson

Back: Susan Dickson, Carl, Louise Crouch, Myra, Douglas, Don Dickson, Stephen, Dorothy Boyd


Bud - July 4, 2007 - Neosho, MO

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If you have information or photographs concerning the descendants of Stephen Douglas Crouch or the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri, please contact me. I share my pictures and I return any photographs entrusted to me promptly.


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