"Aunt Em" and Claude

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born June 4, 1849

Emma Crouch- Stephen's Sister

Emma married her cousin - W. (William) H. (Henry) "Captain" Crouch. They had one child, Claude Jonathan Crouch - 12/07/1875 - 5/03/1962

I've attached some articles of interest.

Claude and Blalock Crouch

Aunt Em and Frank Williams' mother

Jim Sample and Claude Crouch

Aunt Em and Frank Williams

That looks like a palm frond over their heads. Could be a Hollywood trip.

Frank D. Williams turned out to be so interesting I had to give him his own page.


I really wanted a picture of Claudes' Model T - "Henry" (See Bob Thurman's attached story)

Mildred found one, but she can't date it. All she knew about the man is he was a relative named Breckenridge. According to the Jonathan Crouch History "Richard J. Crouch, a twin brother off Martís, was raised in Kentucky. He was always called Dick. He married a Miss Laura Logan, who passed away leaving two daughters. The youngest one Martha, married in Kentucky to R. A. Breckenridge of a very prominent family in Kentucky. He is a successful farmer and lives near Morrisonville, Ill. They have quite a family.

I sent the picture around. Lon dated it during the 1930's or as late as 1940. His memory was that the man's name was Van.

Phillip Crouch wrote and gave us the answer.

Merry Christmas,,,,,,,Yes...that is a picture of my Uncle....His name was Van...He was the oldest of my Four Uncles....my fathers oldest Brother.....His real name was Lester Van Crouch....he died in 1948 of cancer...I remember him well,,even though I was only 7 yrs old at the time....He had two boys,,,,,Gene and Jim,,,and one girl, Helen Margaret...they are all deceased....He, Van was a township clerk of Macon Co Decatur, Illinois  at some time, I believe...

Phillip Crouch is a grand son of James Barbor Crouch. Again, from the Jonathan Crouch history. "Another brother, Ambrose Crouch, raised a large family in Washington County, Kentucky, Martin VanBuren Crouch, or Mart as he was called, enlisted in Co. D 10 Ky. Inf. He served through the war of the Rebellion. He lived and died in Washington County, Kentucky, He told me that he has taught one Sunday School Class for 43 years. Of his family I know very little. One son, Barbour, went from Kentucky to Decatur, Ill. I learned he has several sons who are very prominent men in their county."



Lester Van Crouch and Claude in front of Claude's Model T "Henry"

Picture dates from late 30's or 1940 and is taken in Nashville, MO

Thanks to Mildred for the picture and Phillip Crouch for the ID





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