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This is the home page and I am still fond of it, but it is confusing and the navigation on this site defies all attempts at logical progress. And there are at least 150 pages in total. If this is your first time on the site go to the introduction  page for a simplified set up and specialized content pages. Enjoy and let me know. I share photographs.  Larry Crouch


This man is Stephen Douglas Crouch's father, Ambrose Dudley Crouch. This picture was posted January 20, 2008. Prior to this discovery, no picture of Ambrose was believed to exist.


Yesterday, while going through Crouch history materials, I came upon  two small glass encased photographs which were identified on the back as Grandma and Grandpa Crouch.  This id was written by my grandmother Ollie Crouch Moore to whom the pictures belonged.  This would mean the man pictured is Ambrose Crouch .  The picture of Julia is identical to the one on your website.  Each picture has been securely taped on the back side with an inscription to "please take care of it."  Before I attempt to scan  the pictures, I want to consult with a photo expert at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville.  I am absolutely thrilled with my "find" and am anxious to share them with my Crouch kin as soon as I can safely do so.

 Also,  I  want to share with you that the account about Papa Crouch and his twin and the exchange of clothing during the Civil War, comes from page 170 of Joe Creason`s book, Crossroads and Coffee Trees.  Creason , a writer for The Courier-Journal newspaper interviewed my grandmother regarding the account and published the news story long before he wrote the book.

 Gwinn Thompson Hahn, gggrandaughter of Ambrose and Julia Huffstetter Crouch (dated January 14, 2008)



After astounding me with the picture of Ambrose, Gwinn proceeded to supply me with the picture on the right. A completely unknown photograph of Stephen Douglas Crouch, the man who is the basis for this web site. It appears to have been a gift to his brother Martin van Buren Crouch. That brings to eight the number of known photographs of my great-grandfather. January 22, 2008.

This web site attempts to list all the descendants (along with photographs in most cases) of Stephen Douglas Crouch (1858 - 1915) and his wife Elizabeth Lynch Crouch (1859 - 1935). There are also numerous old pictures of the Barton County village of Nashville, Mo. Many of the early inhabitants of this village are identified in the photographs. See in particular the school and church pictures. There are two new pictures of Stephen Douglas on the site. Obviously since the site bears his name this is huge. The one of Stephen at 18 was contributed by Cathryn Cates and the new one of Stephen with his two older brothers was contributed by Cindy Chabolla.

I also include the David and Elizabeth Cassidy Crouch interview, recent research regarding John Crouch Sr. which was done by Ms. Randy Stalnaker, Jonathan Crouch's Crouch History which details the family in Willisburg, Kentucky around the civil war, Carl Crouch's Personal History, the story of the Crouch twins who changed places in the Civil WarCarl Parker's Remembrance of Bettie Lynch Crouch, and Meredith Crouch's remembrance.

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There are new photographs on the site. If you are interested in the Ambrose Crouch lineage go to the Ambrose and Julia Crouch, Crouch Family 1913 link (I personally consider this picture the most important on the site), David & Clara Crouch, David Breckenridge Crouch, and John Crittenden Crouch pages.

The newest page on the site is a photograph of a Crouch Family Reunion in Illinois - probably in the 1930's. Definitely an event related to the 1913 photograph we have no information as to date, place, and only limited identifications. Any assistance would be appreciated. We've had assistance - please see the updated page for new identifications provided by Cindy Chabolla - a great-great granddaughter of Martin van Buren Crouch. This mystery is solved. Imogene Bivins Noffke tells us it was 1946, and I believe her, because she was there and I wasn't. What a great ending. Another year and we have heard from Sally Thomas and her mother Gladys Breckenridge. Gladys is also in the picture and they have identified several more people and filled in gaps in the 1913 picture as well. Sally is a great-great granddaughter of Richard Johnson Crouch. It's obvious the ending hasn't been written yet. Thanks to everyone.

Sally Thomas has some really nice pictures in addition to her information. Check out Crouch Family - 1919 or Laura Marie Logan Crouch.

Also for those interested in Nashville, Missouri history, I recommend Frank D. Williams as a little known part of the history and the Judge John Main remembrance - both recent additions. I have posted a large portion of Bob Thurman's Nashville history for those who want to know what life was like in the 30's and early 40's and Juanita Johnson sent me The Smith's Nashville HIstory, which has lots of details you won't find anywhere else.

 I have begun posting some of Meredith Crouch's Letters to his children.

In case you haven't heard Ginny Crouch Stanford has recently unveiled her portrait of Hillary Clinton which is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. This is easily the most viewed page on the site.

I am experimenting with audio files. I recommend you right click and open in new window or tab. The files are an interview with Carl Crouch. They are listed here as  Audio 1 and Audio 2



Dorothy Boyd (Carl's daughter), a long time supporter of this project made the trip to Parsons, WV, and took a picture of the John Crouch road sign in October, 2006.This fills a long time gap in this site and is much appreciated. There are larger pictures on Dorothy Boyd, Stephen Boyd, and John Crouch, Sr., pages.


This gentleman is Stephen Douglas Crouch. He was my great-grandfather. He married Elizabeth Lynch on Valentine’s Day, 1880 and settled in the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri. Mr. Crouch's lineage is traceable from John Crouch Sr. to David Crouch to Jonathan Crouch to Ambrose Crouch who was his father.

    According to the history prepared by my grandfather, Meredith Crouch:  "After renting for twenty years, my dad {Stephen Douglas Crouch) finally bought a tract of land about a mile west of Nashville. It was a 220 acre patch of raw timber land that he cleared off and improved. It was part of the Judge Main estate, sold at auction in Lamar at $4.00 per acre, which was cheap, even in the year of 1900. Judge John Main was the first citizen of Nashville, and the only really wealthy one it ever had. The place was improved in 1901, and we moved into it that fall. Getting the land in shape to farm was a big task, and we burned a lot of big log heaps, just to get rid of them, and then we had to farm in the stumps. It was a slow process, but the land was fertile, and produced good corn." Meredith History

    Stephen and Bettie raised six adult children, but Stephen died before any of these children were married.


  On June 1, 2003, I started this web site with the goal of devoting a page to each adult descendant of Stephen Douglas Crouch and their family. That goal is not completely achieved, but it is well on its way. Because I am not a genealogist, I am sloppy with regard to birth dates and anniversaries. The model or theme that I am using is that of a family reunion. My Aunt Helen had planned such a reunion, but ill health had intervened and it was probably the deaths of Helen and Dick last year that prompted me to do this site at this time. As time has gone on I believe a better model for this site is a scrapbook.

Since it was a family site, I tended to expect that everyone who looked at it was knowledgeable about the family relationships and I used first names a lot. I never linked the site anywhere else. The new search engines have indexed the site however and I am getting traffic and imput from outside the family. It can be pretty confusing. So I am altering my home page to make things a little more user friendly. The CONTENTS page is still the right place to start, but it is indexed by family relationship and not alphabetically.

The family tree background for this site:

David and Elizabeth Cassity Crouch


Jonathan and Susan Cassity Crouch


Ambrose and Julia Huffstutter Crouch & David and Clara Crouch

¯                                                            ¯

                                                            Stephen and Bettie Crouch                            Jonathan and Margaret Crouch

                                                            Emma Crouch                   (cousins marry)             William Henry Crouch

    This tree would not be complicated except that Stephen's sister, Emma Crouch married her cousin, William Henry Crouch. They only had one child, Claude, but no one ever talks about Nashville, Missouri, in the 1920’s or 30’s without mentioning "Aunt Em." Stephen and Bettie has six adult children – Palmer, Meredith, Blalock, Carl, Emma (Parker), and Arch. My line is through Meredith who basically lived in Nashville, Mo. from 1884 through 1943, so there is a lot about this little village here.

    I’ve had help from a lot of people, but most of the really old pictures come from Mary Price Crouch (Howard’s wife). Carl’s daughters, Dorothy Boyd and Myra Dickson and Myra’s daughter Julie Meredith may have provided the largest number of pictures including the group portrait of the brothers and Emma which is a very important record. My aunts Mildred Rehklau and Dixie Rambo have certainly contributed and I have a large box from Helen’s collection. Robert Thurman, not a relative, but a classmate of Dixie’s and Lonnie’s at Nashville has some pictures posted on a good site called Welcome to Barton County and I’ve borrowed his work. A lot of others have contributed too. Thanks to everyone.

    This is not finished. I have gaps. I need more pictures. Send them by email or regular mail. I return them. Because I ask people to share pictures with me I will certainly share pictures with you. I have accumulated a very large collection of photos all digitized and ready to print. Just ask. – Larry Crouch


David Crouch and Family

(picture predates David Crouch's death in 1871)

(Most of the persons in this picture are also pictured in the 1910 Family Reunion)

This may be the rarest picture in the lot

Mary explains: "I have looked for this David Crouch family picture for years and recently found it in the bottom of a trunk.

It first came into our possession when we cleared out Claudie's house after his death in 1962. It was framed and hanging on the wall - the only reason it survived. Even then, silverfish had eaten away at it.

We didn't know who any of the individuals in the photo were, but realized they must be family, so we asked Uncle Arch, who identified them, and Uncle Carl also looked at it and confirmed what Arch said. Neither of them knew why David's wife is not in the picture - she lived until 1895. David died in 1871, so this picture predates that year."

I cleaned a lot of the damage up. Mary is responsible for the information to the right (and a good deal more). I have attached a copy of Jonathan Crouch's Crouch history. CLICK HERE Jonathan Crouch

 William Henry Crouch "Captain" - b. 10-15-1846

m. Emma Crouch - Stephen's sister (Aunt Em) - 3-19-1872

d. 1921

Jonathan Crouch - b. 1-18-1843

m. Margaret Ann Bell 1867 or 1868

m. Mattie Galloway Smith - 1920

d. 12-5-1940

David Crouch (id uncertain) (Ambrose Crouch's brother) b. 9-29-1814

m. Clara Ann Gregory Stafford 3-29-1835

d. 9-11 (or 14)-1871

Kittie (Kate or Katy) b. 10-11-1851

m. Henry George -

m. Gustaff Adolph Smith -

Dillia (Dilly) b. 2-28-1840

m. Armstrong Dawson Young (Uncle Armpy)

d. 3-30-1926

Prudia (Prudy) b. 1-26-1837

m. John Craig (from Scotland)

d. 12-31-1912

For another picture of most of these persons with their spouses

please go to Crouch Reunion 1910 - Blue Mound, Ill





Rear: Howard Crouch, Mary Price Crouch, Vada Sample Crouch, Meredith Crouch, Lonnie Crouch, Geyne Crouch (later Ruhl), Dixie Crouch (later Rambo)

front: Larry Crouch

One of the pleasures of this project is running across pictures that seem to have been lost in time. After the war my aunt Helen along with Mary and Howard took me to Idaho for a meeting with my grandparents, who had left Missouri before I was born. This year Mary ran across some old negatives and contained in the stack were three pictures from this trip. Of course I don't remember anything about it, but this group picture is certainly a remarkable keepsake of this time.

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If you have information or photographs concerning the descendants of Stephen Douglas Crouch or the Barton County village of Nashville, Missouri, please contact me. I share my pictures and I return any photographs entrusted to me promptly.

EMAIL: stephendcrouch@pacbell.net

Larry Crouch